Oct 27, 2023 | 5:00pm–8:00pm EDT Past Event

Finally Friday

As a monthly event in partnership with Grant Blvd and RadioKismet, Finally Friday will occur as a monthly event at RadioKismet and Grant Blvd, exhibiting work by a different Black artist working in Philadelphia in addition to hosting an artist discussion. Artists will discuss and grapple with the idea of ethical production and consumption, which is a huge issue in the fast fashion world. They will discuss how their artistic practice and process also aligns with ethical production and consumption. What happens to work by Black artists after they are sold? Is the buyer ethically consuming the artwork and understanding the full implications of the work or are they buying it to put a feather in the cap and hang it above a couch they think it matches? This space is created for and by Black artists, for artistry and questioning how their art is bought, sold, and consumed in a white supremacist world. In addition, how can we create spaces where Black art can be unhindered by the restrictive white artist landscape? Yannick and Kimberly will discuss the issues at play and what we can do moving forward.