Dec 4, 2016 | 11:00am–1:30pm EDT Past Event

Closing Event: 9th Street Stock Exchange

Meet at Mighty Writers at 11:00am for coffee, pastries and special presentations by Mural Arts Founder, Jane Golden, and artists, Theresa Rose and Jon Rubin. A brief Question & Answer opportunity will follow before the Tour of the 9th Street Stock Exchange begins at 12:15 to 1:15pm.

During nine weeks in the fall, the historic 9th Street Market turns into a participatory public art project. Led by artist Jon Rubin, the 9th Street Stock Exchange sets up an alternate economic system between recent immigrant and established businesses that operate in close proximity to each other but are often separated by cultural and socioeconomic differences. Rotating weekly, the participating stores will be displaying and selling selected products from each other’s businesses, facilitating new social connections by experimentally incorporating an aspect of each other’s identity into their own. A circle of trust is constructed through the project as each participant business becomes familiar and invested in a small way in the commercial welfare of the other participants. Products that in one business are culturally specific and expected by a regular customer base become strangely incongruous and newly present through this weekly act of dislocation.

Audiences can gain a deeper understanding of the project and the participating businesses (all located on South 9th Street between Christian & Federal) by taking a guided tour.