Oct 29, 2020 | 3:00pm–4:00pm EDT Past Event

Charmin Webinar: Don’t Flush Our Future


At Trash Academy, one of our primary goals is to complicate the seemingly simple and straightforward issue of trash. The ‘implosion’ is a unique and fascinating research method for exploring hidden connections and complexities, developing concrete, situated knowledge, and helping us to understand the world as it is rather than as it is perceived. In response to COVID-related panic buying,Trash Academy’s Charmin toilet paper implosion visualizes the way in which toilet paper “lives” in the world around us, and the world “lives” in toilet paper.

Trash Academy, a project of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Environmental Justice Department, embraces the values of environmental justice, believing that those who are most impacted by environmental challenges are the ones who must be at the forefront of crafting solutions. We use art and creativity as a vehicle to change both our communities and how they are perceived, while complicating the issue of trash. Rooted in the practice of collaboration, the research and initiative of community members fuels a shared process of education, reflection, advocacy and intervention. Trash Academy also encourages youth leadership, positioning young people to take the lead in educating and transforming their own communities.

Registration for this event does not guarantee admission. Admission will be available to registrants on a first come, first served basis. Those who are unable to access the webinar can watch this program through the livestream on Mural Arts Philadelphia’ Facebook page.