Nov 5, 2023 | 12:00pm–1:30pm EDT Past Event

Becky McIntyre Billboard Dedication

Please join us to celebrate the unveiling of a series of billboards designed by students in Art Education’s Summer program. Led by Visiting Artist Becky McIntyre and inspired by the theme of ‘Fairy Tales and Folklore,’ students designed these billboards. Becky McIntyre is part of Local Exposure, which is the Art Education Department’s new artist prospecting program, now in its second year.

The program represents the forging of new ground on Mural Arts’ dedication to centralizing student voice in its curatorial framework. Students and teaching artists select new artists to work with each session and invite them into their classrooms for workshops and small projects. These light touch visits are meant for students and artists to get acquainted with each other to better inform a full fledged project proposal in the future. It also allows artists from all disciplines and backgrounds to understand the intricacies of creating collaborative artwork with young people. Lastly, this smaller scale engagement provides many more work opportunities for artists across the city than was previously possible.