May 12, 2023 | 12:00pm–3:00pm EDT Past Event

A Mother’s Love

Join us at the City Hall Court Yard for a Community Conversation and Art Exhibit Honoring 55 families who lost their children and loved ones to gun violence. Through the realm of storytelling and a communal conversation loved ones will be honored through portraits and led into a safe space of healing through a communal led conversation with highlighted families, stories bring forth healing. – Zarinah Lomax, Curator

The Apologues birthed A mother’s Love Exhibit through the reflection of remembering the love between a lost loved one and her mother due to gun violence in Philadelphia. Violence and trauma continues to plague the community, taking the lives of many leaving a hole in the hearts of mothers and children. Mother’s Day can be a hard milestone when losing a loved one especially when their life ends violently. May every family be reminded through the hurt and pain by looking at the portraits of lost loved ones that their “Tears are simply words that need to be written” ~ Paulo and “We are born of love; Love is one’s bond with their mother.” Rumi