Dec 28

Top 5 Mural Arts Videos of 2015

by: Carly Rapaport-Stein

Pope Francis Signs The Sacred Now 

Over 2,700 people helped paint The Sacred Now – including Pope Francis! CNN caught special moment during their live broadcast.

Mural Arts honors Connor Barwin 

At Wall Ball 2015, Mural Arts honored Connor Barwin, the Philadelphia Eagles’ linebacker who is doing great work with the arts, outdoor spaces, and athletics for kids. As Connor says, “Every kid should have a safe area to play.”

"Labyrinth" by Sam Durant for Open Source 

I’ve been amazed by the imagination, and energy, and creativity of all of these guys.

— Sam Durant, on his experience working with the men of Graterford SCI to create Labyrinth, the maze-like structure that inhabited Thomas Paine Plaza between late September and early November.

Frequencies: The Intersection of Science and Art 

If I ever get the chance to walk past this mural years from now, I will really shed tears and cry because it brings back so many memories of what I’ve done when I was a teenager – it’s like, ‘wow, I did this?’

– Nazir Murray, a participant in Mural Arts’ Art Education program, talks about the impact of working on the Frequencies mural.

Summer Kaleidoscope 

33,000 square feet and 813 gallons of paint later, Summer Kaleidoscope emerged from the talented hands of Jessie and Katey and their 20 assistant artists.

Last updated: Jan 13, 2016

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