Apr 29, 2015

The Future of an Iconic Landmark: South Philly Musicians

by: Nicole Steinberg

In recent days, there have been a number of public discussions, largely on social media, about the fate of one of Mural Arts’ most iconic murals: South Philly Musicians, painted by artist Peter Pagast in 2004 and located on 9th and Wharton Streets.

Please note that Mural Arts will not be removing this mural. While South Philly Musicians has fallen into a state of deterioration in recent years, due to wall damage on the building where it lives, we understand that it is beloved by the entire South Philadelphia community and to those who revere the legendary hometown musicians depicted in the mural.

The sad fact remains, however, that the mural will be obscured from public view later this year, due to planned development on this block, news to which Mural Arts has been alerted. We always fight to keep our murals, to best of our ability, but emerging development and the ever-changing landscape of our city sometimes result in shorter lifespans for our public artworks.

With this information in mind, we invite you join us for an upcoming meeting with Mural Arts Executive Director Jane Golden and Councilman Mark Squilla, to discuss the future of South Philly Musicians, and the initial steps we can take together toward a potential relocation of this iconic mural. Mural Arts welcomes your help and input on this venture. We will keep you updated on the date, time, and location of this meeting, and we will keep the lines of communication open for those who cannot join us at that time.

We are so fortunate to work in a city as dedicated to its cultural history as Philadelphia, and we are pleased to work with the South Philadelphia community, as well as art and music lovers everywhere, to find a new home for a mural that means so much to so many.

For now, you can get involved and show your support for the new mural with a donation.

Photo: South Philly Musicians © 2004 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Philadelphia / Peter Pagast. Photo by Kate Jacobi (2015).

Last updated: Mar 21, 2016

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