Sep 29, 2014

Support Mural Arts by driving a cool car

by: Virginia Harrison

Zipcar unveiled its 2014 Mural Arts car at Greenfest Philly on September 7—with plenty of rave reviews.

“This is the coolest car!” exclaimed a 10-year-old girl as she walked up to the Honda Fit “Pocus” car wrapped in Benjamin Volta’s We Are All Neurons. The girl proceeded to pose for numerous pictures with the car for her mother and besieged Volta with a number of questions between smiles.

“That’s all the validation I need!” Volta laughed when she finally walked off with her parents.

The “coolest car” is the result of a partnership between Mural Arts and Zipcar to wrap one of Zipcar’s fleet in an iconic mural. For every hour someone drives the Mural Arts car between now and November 1, Zipcar will donate $1 to Mural Arts. So next time you’re near 30th Street Station, find the Mural Arts Zipcar and take it for a spin to benefit Mural Arts. For more information, check out Zipcar’s dedicated page.

Even in the hustle and bustle of 30th Street, you won’t miss the car with its bright colors and bold pattern. Volta’s We Are All Neurons was created as part of a Mural Arts Art Education class in 2013. Students worked with Volta to visualize their own brains as interconnected idea machines, drawing hundreds of colorful neurons. They worked together to incorporate these drawings to design a colorful vinyl wrap for a subway car on SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line, which is still in service.

Fall 2014 marks the second year Mural Arts and Zipcar have partnered on this project. Legendary: The Roots Mural dressed a Ford Focus Hatchback in Fall 2013. Mural Arts and Zipcar have plans to wrap a third car in Spring 2015 that will involve work of our Art Education students. Check back to learn more about that project in the coming months!

In the meantime, when you drive Pocus, let us know about your trip and share images of you and the car! Reach us at @MuralArts and @ZipcarPhilly on Twitter.

Photos by Steve Weinik

Last updated: Feb 3, 2016

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