Aug 25, 2015

Open Source in 15 Seconds: MOMO

by: Carly Rapaport-Stein

As a part of our city-wide Open Source exhibition, New Orleans-based artist MOMO stepped in to the classroom. Partnering with our Arts Education program and students from Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School (K-CAPA) and Freire Charter School, MOMO worked with students for four hours a day, teaching them about practical geometry and using geometry exercises to enliven the math concepts.

The exercises propelled the students from the classroom to artistic creation, bringing the geometric tools to vibrant life. Students tried out their techniques on a practice wall, as seen in the video below, as they prepared to create a mural at the intersection of Frankford and Berks.

Knowledge is often cemented when we share our learning with others, and the students are excited to do just that. On October 4 and 10, MOMO and the students will act as teachers, leading sessions with interested participants to share the techniques and principles behind the practical geometry that sparked the mural’s design.

And for those who can’t make the dates, keep your eyes open for instructional videos from the students!

Last updated: Jan 27, 2016

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