Dec 24, 2015

Top 5 Most Beautiful Mural Sunsets of 2015

by: Carly Rapaport-Stein

Light is such an important part of art, both how we use it within our creations and how it illuminates our images. We caught a few of our murals and projects just as the sun was slipping below the horizon, giving off a beautiful light and accentuating incandescent colors – and the results are stunning. Scroll down for the top five most beautiful mural sunsets of 2015!

2015-004_Mifflin_Square_Alliance_Festival_61In September, we celebrated the Mifflin Square Alliance Festival in South Philly as a part of Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge, a project that came out of our months-long collaboration with CohStra. As the sun set, we caught its last rays peeking through the swinging paper lanterns.

cf3c0d04-4822-4fd6-a0cf-1d99f7ab9d89The sun glints off the buildings in Center City, illuminating Belmont Plateau up in Fairmount park and setting off the sparkling brilliance of MOMO’s mural-wrapped ZipCar.

2014-038 Industrious_LightOrtliebs_01Located just two blocks from where the first lager was brewed in Philadelphia, the twilight warms up the charcoal colors of Ortlieb’s, a part of our Industrious Light series.

2015-XXX_Lotus_Diamond_01On a busy block in Fishtown, Shepard Fairey’s Lotus Diamond radiates with the last touches from the descending sun.

2014-048_OS_MOMO_Sonesta_FINAL_001Throughout the day, MOMO’s mural on the side of the Sonesta Hotel catches the light from the windows of adjacent buildings, fueling ever-shifting patterns across the vibrant wall. Sunset, though, is my favorite time of day with this mural, as the setting sun burnishes and deepens the mural’s hues.

Photography by Steve Weinik.

Last updated: Jan 6, 2016

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