Dec 31, 2015

Top 5 Only-in-Philly Mural Moments of 2015

by: Carly Rapaport-Stein

At Mural Arts, we’ve got major Philly pride. From sports, to government, to world leaders, to the arts, here are our favorite only-in-Philly moments from 2015.


One of Philly’s own, Steve Powers (aka ESPO), created murals around Ralph Brooks Park with the help of a Philadelphia Eagle, Connor Barwin, and his Make The World Better Foundation. Our instantly-identifiable SEPTA bus makes this a trifecta of an only-in-Philly moment.


Silhouetted behind iconic artist JR is Philly’s own architectural icon, City Hall. Fun fact: the bronze statue of William Penn that’s on top of City Hall is hollow, but still weighs 27 tons, or 54,000 pounds.


The LOVE statue took on a new meaning when artist Michelle Ortiz included part of her Familias Separadasseries, Te Amo, on the ground in front of the statue. The design is based on a necklace worn by Suyapa, an immigrant who’s seen her family separated by deportation.


He might live in Vatican City, but only in Philadelphia, the city of murals, would the Pope paint his signature on a mural with a flourish.


100 degree heat in July does not stop Philly fans. We confetti-ed, cheered, and celebrated 132 years of Philly’s beloved baseball team as we dedicated the Phillies Mural.

Last updated: Jan 6, 2016

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