Sep 21, 2012

Mural Design for Rock Stars

by: Steve Weinik

Some days as Mural Arts photographer are more glamorous than others. For the Roots mural, one day I’m taking a “before” photo of a blank wall at the World Communications Charter School at Broad and South streets and the next, I’m on the band’s tour bus riding like a rock star to NYC.

I took the trip with artist Ernel Martinez to help gather visual ideas for the mural design. NBC, the band and the producers of Late Nite with Jimmy Fallon allowed us access to their tiny studio space inside Rockefeller Center. In staggered sessions, Ernel and I ducked in and out of the studio, simeltaneously trying to absorb as much as possible while also trying to just stay out of the way.

The photography itself took me back to some of my first gigs; shooting musicians in dim rooms with no supplementary light at perilously high ISO and a low shutter speed. Here are a few highlights. For a full gallery of images, plus tons more of Roots mural related content, check out our project page here.

Last updated: Jan 27, 2016

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