Feb 20, 2014

Mural Arts Builds Viking Ship for Wolfbat Tribe

by: Steve Weinik

On the third floor of the Asian Arts Initiative’s headquarters on Vine street, New York based artist Dennis Mcnett and our art education students have been hard at work building a Viking ship.

This is Mcnett’s second Viking ship build in the city and his first project with Mural Arts. I visited the class yesterday afternoon where they were preparing papier-mâché helmets and shields.

Mcnett enjoys working with kids. “There’s no filter on their thinking yet.” He explained. “No one’s told them that those colors don’t go together or you can’t cross those two animals together.”

When done, Mcnett will bring the class into his mythical Wolfbat tribe. The finished ship will be on display at our annual Art Ed Exhibition in May 8th at the Crane Artsbuilding and will be a part of this year’s Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.

Here are some photos from the class:

P.S. The ship is modular and will be broken down/rebuilt for travel and no, it’s a sculpture only and will not be seaworthy.

Photos by Steve Weinik

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