Apr 4, 2014

Jamee Grigsby: A Passion for Art Education

by: Rachel Quimby

Jamee Grigsby was always interested in art, but until she joined the Philadelphia Mural Arts Philadelphia’s after school workshops, she had no access to formal art education. In high school, Jamee was a part of an international exchange program with students from Dublin, Ireland. In that program, she had the opportunity to travel to Dublin and create collaborative art with the Irish students, such as a project about street signs, the law. She found direction in her life through Mural Arts. She says of the program, “without it I would’ve never truly pursued a career in art”.

Jamee has flourished through her passion. She continued making art with Mural Arts throughout high school and beyond. In Philadelphia, she worked on small mural projects at recreation centers until she had the chance to intern with artist Emilie Ledieu for the summer on a mosaic mural at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Later, she had the opportunity to work on How Philly Moves at the Philadelphia International Airport. Soon after, Mural Arts Philadelphia asked her to join them as an assistant arts educator.

Laying aside her apprehension, Jamee accepted the role because she wanted to inspire the next generation of kids to pursue art. She also wanted to give back to Mural Arts for all they had provided her and by becoming an art teacher, she could “provide the same great experience for the kids and be someone they can look up to.” Now, she enjoys the fun filled projects she works on with the kids and helping them develop as artists.

Jamee recently graduated from Hussian School of Art with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. She does freelance work in her spare time while working on her portfolio and new paintings. She hopes to put her art on display in the gallery soon, but that’s just her current goal.

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