Nov 28, 2011

How We Fish Creative Forum

by: Laura Edgar

A group of community members met at the Intercultural Family Services building in West Philadelphia to talk about the How We Fish tagline, “Work means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?” At this forum, taking place near one of the educational hubs of the city, work was discussed as an ideal, working for one’s passion.

Designed to elicit thoughts about the meaning of work from the people of Philadelphia, the How We Fish creative forums are a series of meetings hosted in different neighborhoods around the city. These gatherings are central to Mural Arts’ creative processes; the artists engage in honest conversations with community members and listen to their perspectives in order to create the concept for the physical art.

At the forum, participants created their own representation of the discussion with the artists from Social Impact Studios. They had the opportunity to take part in an interview documenting the forum and all participants left with an expanded knowledge of what work meant to their neighbors.

The How We Fish mural will be completed in June 2012 at 125 N. 8th Street and will have high visibility and impact, as the wall can be seen from the highway.

Spread the word about Mural Arts’ Creative Forums. Join the conversations and be a part of the early mural process. For more information on when and where the How We Fish Creative Forums are:

Sponsored by: Citizens Bank Foundation

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