Sep 27, 2011

Ale & Arts Tour: Underscoring the Complexity of the City's Offerings

by: Laura Edgar

Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Tours are a great way to get to know the murals, the city, and Mural Arts Philadelphia. On September 15th, the Ale & Arts Trolley tour began at World Café Live. Part concert venue, part restaurant and bar, World Café Live served as a great place to relax and unwind before the trolley came. Since the tour did not begin until 6pm, there was time for tour participants to arrive at World Café Live after work hours and imbibe the Yard’s custom brew that came with the price of admission to the tour.

After the group boarded, the trolley traveled from the Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania area to the Mantua, Girard, Ridge, and Spring Garden areas, highlighting the murals along the way. The tour group’s favorite murals were Tribute to the Dixie Hummingbirds, Pedal Thru, and the murals that face each other, A Celebration of Poetry and Celebrate the Arts. Finally, the tour concluded at Yard’s Brewery where participants indulged in a tasting and tour of the brewery.

While the tour was a wonderful introduction to the murals that the city has to offer, it also provided a history of Mural Arts Philadelphia and an explanation of both its initiatives and the mural-making process. The tour guide, a Philadelphia native, also peppered their narrative with historical snippets about the city itself. The different perspectives stirred sense of awe for the complexity of the city, its murals, and the work Mural Arts Philadelphia has accomplished.

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