Sunshine and Shadow

Transforming our environment and ourselves.

Detail of Sunshine and Shadow by Beverly Fisher. Photo by Steve Weinik.

About Sunshine and Shadow 

Artists Beverly Fisher and Kaitlin Pomerantz kicked off the Environmental Justice Initiative effort with two botanical arts installations involving teens from Mastery Charter enrolled in Mural Arts Art Education Program. Community and school volunteers participated at key intervals providing support and feedback in the development of the projects.

Fisher led students in an investigation of botanical imagery, culminating in a block-long mural on the facade of a neighborhood daycare center, based on sunflower growth patterns and the dynamism of the Fibonacci number sequence. Students assisted Fisher to complete the mural during some of summer’s 2013 hottest days.

Project Photos 

  • Seeds of Change in progress. Photo by Michael Koehler.

  • Seeds of Change. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • Seeds of Change in progress. Photo by Michael Koehler.

  • When not working on the mural, teaching artist Michael Koehler led students in guerrilla planting activities and creating seed bombs. He also took students taking to a number of local urban farms and botanical sites to learn about local food production efforts.

ASSISTED BY: Michael Koehler, Briana Dawkins, Monay Washington, Latasha Billington, Oshod Mcduffie, Jury Smith, Amanda Beardall

YOUTH: Taylor Blackson, Tyrell Brantley, Dominique Brodie-Wilson,Cresta Campbell, Kareem Gordon-Graham, Phylicia Hodges, Mizan Jeter, Vanessa Morris, Ibrahim Muhammed, Rahyaan Hall, Nicholas Robinson, Ashley Salters, Damon Smith, Craig Terry, Lamar Warren