Restoring signage from Bok Vocational School. | Photo by Kathy Elizabeth Stull

Steven and Billy Dufala practice in a variety of media, approaching sculpture, theater, performance, music, digital media, and drawing with equal passion and zeal. For Open Source, the Dufala Brothers created Turnover, a waste transfer station, where recycled material from local scrappers was repurposed into art.

Project Photos 

  • Melting scrap aluminum | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Billy Dufala melts scrap aluminum | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Pouring molten aluminim | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Spillover cools | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Breaking the mold | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Example of a freshly revealed piece | Photo by Steve Weinik

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