Finally on 13th

A mural about Philly's Ballroom Scene

Finally on 13th © 2023 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Nile Livingston, 306 South 13th Street. Photo by Steve Weinik.

I want this mural to offer a face to a particular local history that may be largely unknown or obscured by Ballroom’s recent mainstream posture.

- Nile Livingston, Muralist

A dreamchild of applicant Jacen Bowman and the many members of Philly’s Ballroom scene, Finally on 13th celebrates the 30th anniversary of Philadelphia ballroom culture. This mural, designed by Nile Livingston, will stand alone as the Gayborhood’s first mural, honoring this rich practice of Ballroom that has recently become mainstream. The mural is the first in Philadelphia to celebrate black queer culture in a neighborhood steeped with that history which is fast impacted by gentrification. The mural will be dedicated on September 23, 2023, on 13th Street between Pine and Spruce Streets.

With deliberate input from the community through discovery and documentation, Nile Livingston has painstakingly created a mural that incorporates and celebrates actual Philadelphia Icons of ballrooms. The Icons include Michael Gaston, Tiny Cartier, Kerri Mizahri, Renee Karan, Kelly Harper, Alverian Prestige, Jay Blahnik, Meechie Lavin, Jacen Bowman, and Mann Prodigy.


This project was made possible in part with support from the National Academy of Design/Edwin Austin Abbey Memorial Trust Fund for Mural Painting.