Curing Community

Our third mural at Philadelphia Pharmacy in Fairhill.

artist Cesar Viveros

Curing Community by Cesar Viveros. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Previous Philadelphia Pharmacy Murals 

  • Philadelphia Pharmacy by Parris Stancell, 2006. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

  • Philadelphia Pharmacy by Parris Stancell, 1996. Photo by Mural Arts Staff.

About the Project 

Philadelphia Pharmacy is a fixture of North Philly—a small business that does good in the neighborhood, it has been painted twice before by artist Parris Stancell. In 2017, we painted it a third time with artist Cesar Viveros, who was inspired by community stories about medicine, from homemade herbal remedies to mom-and-pop drugstores. His own memories of aloe vera and herbal teas helped him create a mural about the sense of human compassion that should be more present in today’s world.

The colorful flowers and herbs brighten this neighborhood wall, and honor the legacy of the Philadelphia Pharmacy in Fairhill. The artist worked with local elder community centers and youth from the Lighthouse Police Athletic League, making Curing Community an artwork that connects to many people across generations.


Philadelphia Pharmacy
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Philadelphia Pharmacy