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    April 02, 2020

Handwashing Stations 

City of Philadelphia COVID-19 Information

About the Project 

Wash your hands. Good advice any time, but these days it’s lifesaving. Unfortunately, not everyone in our city has regular access to soap and clean, running water. With a homeless population of just under 6,000 – with around 950 being regularly unsheltered, that’s a lot of vulnerable people who have become even more exposed as this pandemic reaches our city streets.

Partnering with Broad Street Ministry, we collaborated with Nile Livingston, Dora Cuenca, Symone Salib, and NDA to install murals along with handwashing stations throughout the city. The murals offer guidelines from the Center for Disease Control for staying safe and healthy during the pandemic, as well as resources for those who may not have a home to stay safe within, and affirmations for Philadelphians who may need an extra boost.

This project highlights the larger, ongoing issues of homelessness and public health that many Philadelphians live with every day – and is a direct action to help people in crisis, a reminder of how interlocked our lives are today, and always.

The handwashing stations can be found at:
315 South Broad Street (Broad Street Ministry)
839 South Street
2774 Kensington Ave
1700 Block of East-Bound Vine Street


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