• location West Philadelphia
  • Neighborhood

    West Philadelphia

  • completion date

    October 28, 2022

About the Project 

Afromation Avenue is a collection of curated positive affirmation street signs personalized by predominantly Black/African American communities throughout the city of Philadelphia. The project aims to create spaces for reflective thought and conversation while honoring the cultural identity of each community. Street signs are used to guide and regulate the traffic flow of people; they assist in helping others get from one familiar place to another. Afromation Avenue lends itself as a social-emotional guide in hopes of cultivating spaces where community members feel encouraged, valued, and respected. Afromation Avenue also supports the city’s “Read By 4th” early literacy movement, the School District of Philadelphia’s social-emotional learning focus, and furthers the city’s beautification initiatives. It also hopes to drive tourism to less visited areas to continue strengthening communities struggling economically.