Yannick Lowery

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Yannick Lowery is an interdisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia, PA. Inspired by the cultural dynamism of his native New York and present hometown, his work explores the creations of illustrated proverbs, portents and historical souvenirs to guide the viewer through cultural introspection and responsible, imaginative perpetuation. He utilizes photography, found and archival paper to employ world-creation and compile instagative, investigative waymaking devices (both still and animated).

Lowery’s deeply personal, sentient body of work explores visual art as an echolocation device and reflectional tool of retelling, foretelling. Ultimately, his collage works are allegorical tools for his true medium: the robust ecosystem of community that inspires him, becomes central imagery for his work, and participates in the concepts that inform his oeuvre.

His latest work as co-creator of The Black Paradise Project demonstrates his focus on world building by coordinating workshops and activities centered around mitigating the mental health consequences of racism and reimagining Black futures.


Last updated: Jan 24, 2022