Susan Ragland

Photo by Naomieh Jovin.

Susan Ragland is a self-taught artist whose focus has been to unwaveringly create joyful
images of Black people affirming their human connections. Amidst bursts of color and
intricate designs, her paintings seek to examine the humanity of Black subjects while
paradoxically depicting the ordinary: African Americans as regular folk, sans the presence
of historical trauma. Her work aims to imbue majestic feelings in viewers who have
experienced a questioning of their being and beckon others to identify universally-shared

She has had a 30-year career creating and selling art largely outside of the conventional art
circuits. Through private exhibits and by word of mouth, her art has found its way into the
permanent acquisitions of major art collectors throughout the U.S. including the Colored
Girls’ Museum; a long-time host of ABC’s The View; professional athletes; George
Washington University, Temple University; various on-air news pundits, and in the homes
of regular folks.

Recent exhibits include the Woodmere Museum Annual 82nd Juried Exhibition; Montclair Art
Museum’s Juneteenth Exhibit, and the Philadelphia Magic Gardens.

Last updated: Jun 17, 2024