Alex Epstein, Root Catalyst

Alex Epstein is an earthling, organizer, artist/designer, strategic consultant, and student of the universe. He has spent 16 years building bridges across differences, organizing radically inclusive communities, and advocating for social & environmental justice.

In 2010, Alex co-founded the Urban Creators, a North Philadelphia-based organization that uses food, art, and political education as tools to build resilience and self-determination in their community. For more than a decade, Alex led the strategic growth of the organization as a Co-Executive Director, while remaining committed to collaborative leadership and centering the voices of those most directly impacted by the racial & economic issues facing the community.

In 2017, Alex was recognized as an “Emerging Climate Leader” by the Global Peace Initiative of Women and has represented the United States in numerous international dialogues focused on the intersection of Climate Change, Spirituality, and Youth Leadership. Now, through his company Root Catalyst LLC, Alex works to engage diverse communities in the design and installation of urban gardens and dynamic public spaces that nurture environmental stewardship and civic action.

Last updated: Apr 13, 2023