Randall Whitfield

Never Forgotten, in-process, November 4, 2021. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Randall Whitfield was born and raised in Philadelphia. Randall realized at a young age his love of art. He started expressing his interest at 10 and was working on murals at 14 years old. Randall is a jack of all trades with experience in construction and carpentry.

In 2015, as a resident of Olney, Randall reached out to the North 5th Street Revitalization Project (N5SRP) to try to create an art program that serves the youth in Olney. With funding focused on business assistance and corridor cleanliness, N5SRP was unable to pursue those goals at that time and instead used his diverse expertise to hire him as a Sanitation Specialist. Randall works tirelessly to help keep the North 5th Street commercial corridor clean. Over the years Randall and N5SRP found creative ways to implement Randall’s talent in the community. It started with a storefront improvement project on Peony Garden in which Randall painted a beautiful landscape of China for the Chinese take out restaurant, which has transformed that corner. Next was a capital improvement project in which Randall designed and painted murals on 8 security grates along North 5th street. Business owners, seeing his work and talent hired him to paint murals within their business, from daycares to a sporting goods store and even a mechanics shop. Randall’s work is all throughout the North 5th Street business community.

Recently, he painted an abandoned newsstand painted in memory of George Floyd and the happenings of 2020, which was defaced by white supremacists. Randall has since recreated the tribute to Floyd, Never Forgotten, on the side of Tang Pharmacy at 5600 N. 5th Street.

Last updated: Dec 1, 2021