Michele Pierson

Michele Pierson. Photo by Naomieh Jovin.

Michele Pierson (b. 1993) is a contemporary painter born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Michele obtained her B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from Spelman College and has maintained an active studio practice alongside a fulfilling career in nonprofit arts fundraising.

Drawing inspiration from surrealist and metaphysical painting, Michele’s paintings fuse earthly and cosmic elements into surreal, metaphysical landscapes and portraits. Utilizing strategic color choices and symbolic motifs like stars and mirrors and windows, Michele invites viewers on introspective journeys, encouraging contemplation of fate, life’s interconnectedness, and the boundless expanses of existence.

“Embedded within my artistic philosophy is a belief in the transformative power of understanding our interconnected existence as a catalyst for resistance against oppressive systems. I posit that a rich comprehension of life’s interdependence serves as the bedrock for ethical behavior and compassion. Through the medium of painting, I extend an invitation to viewers—a call to engage in profound contemplation and unveil their individual relationships to the interconnected web that envelops us all.”

Last updated: Jun 17, 2024