Kyle Mello Dixon

Kyle Dixon. Photo by Naomieh Jovin.

Mello Dixon, is a trailblazing designer and artist making waves in the wearable art realm. With his company, Greatness Was When…! He is revolutionizing the art scene with his fresh and captivating twist. He has swiftly become one of the most sought-after talents in the industry.

With extraordinary talent he has been showcased at prestigious events and galleries worldwide, including Art Basel Miami and esteemed venues in London, NYC, Los
Angeles, and Hawaii. His art stands out due to its interactive nature, attracting high-profile clients such as Drake, Kylie Jenner, and Future. His most recent accomplishment was being a
part of a Super Bowl Commercial and several segment commercials by Geico.

Now embarking on his most thrilling venture yet, a Mobile Art Gallery. This innovative
concept allows him to bring his exceptional artwork to people from all walks of life, just like
an ice cream truck delivering joy! With

Last updated: Jun 17, 2024