Kaitlin Pomerantz

Kaitlin Pomerantz is a visual artist and educator based in Philadelphia, PA. Her sculpture, intermedia installation, 2D works and writing explore the relationship between humans and nature, landscape and land use, and themes of history, vacancy, loss and renewal. Pomerantz participated in the academic arts residency program, Land Arts of the American West, based out of Texas Tech University, this past fall. Pomerantz is co-facilitator of recurring botanical arts project, WE THE WEEDS, which will attend the Cabin Time residency out of Los Angeles this spring. Pomerantz has most recently shown work at Little Berlin, Philadelphia; Texas Tech Museum, Lubbock, TX; and Fjord Gallery, Philadelphia. She holds a BA in Art History from University of Chicago, and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Visual Art from University of Pennsylvania. Pomerantz is Visiting Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Haverford College.

Last updated: Nov 2, 2017