Gabe Tiberino

Photo by Steve Weinik.

Gabe Tiberino was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1983. At the age of eight, he had his first one-man show in a South Street art gallery. By eighteen, Tiberino, scion of one of Philadelphia’s best-known art families, had already spent half of his like as a professional artist and became one of the youngest to be lead artist on a Mural Arts Philadelphia project. After graduating from Philadelphia’s High School of Creative and Performing Arts, Tiberino continued his education, and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. Having assisted on a multitude of mural arts projects, Gabe has garnered a network of renowned international colleagues and has gone on to become lead muralist on murals in cities around the country, and acts as collaborator on countless others. Tiberino’s work has been in numerous art shows and he has had major exhibitions with Philadelphia’s top venues such as the legendary Sande Webster Gallery, The African American Museum in Philadelphia and the Arch Enemy Gallery. Tiberino’s work can be found in private collections and exhibition venues throughout the country and internationally. Gabe Tiberino gives us visual images in various art forms, journalizing street experiences, thoughts, emotions and projected dreams. He retains the freshness of direct observation, reflecting his interest in rendering art in a more public way. The audience of Tiberino’s art find a personal connection which expands generations and generations to come.

Last updated: Jun 13, 2019