Eugenio Salas

Eugenio Salas (Canada/Mexico, b.1976. Mexico City) is a self-taught artist based in Lënapehòkink, the ancestral homelands of the Lenape people, also known as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His practice involves disrupting social roles and dynamics through collaborative process-based projects carried out autonomously and within institutions. The resulting participatory performative actions employ media, print, and cooking. Previous projects include Snack Pack, a doughnut-based stop-motion animation work reflecting on his first job as a new immigrant; Tunnel, an installation involving the construction of a tunnel inside an art gallery with a non-status construction worker and gallery curator; YYZGRU Express, a parcel delivery system designed to exchange personal objects between Brazilians in Toronto and their families back home; Social Plastics/Nail Party, a participatory performance in a nail salon in collaboration with an immigrant family of nail technicians; The Supercake, a 22-foot long edible sculpture in collaboration with immigrant women with whom he worked at a cake factory, and Garage_____, a land art installation and impromptu art exhibition on a major artery in London (Canada). He is currently working with immigrant Latinx cooks, waste laborers, food producers and grassroots journalists in Philadelphia on a participatory project to develop sculptures for cooking out of waste called Waste Feast/Fogones.

Last updated: Apr 1, 2022