Ellen Powell-Tiberino

Ellen Powell-Tiberino was indeed a remarkable African-American artist, leaving an indelible mark on Philadelphia’s art scene. Born in 1937, her journey to becoming a celebrated artist reflects both talent and resilience.

Powell-Tiberino’s artistic talents were evident from a young age, leading to a scholarship from the City of Philadelphia to attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Throughout her prolific career, she created a diverse body of work, primarily focused on figurative and expressionist art forms. Her pieces often depicted the experiences and history of Black people, with a particular emphasis on women, portrayed in rich, haunting hues that conveyed depth and emotion.

Despite her passing in 1992, Powell-Tiberino’s influence on Philadelphia’s art community remains significant. Her legacy is honored through institutions like the Tiberino Museum in Powelton Village, which preserves and celebrates her work for future generations. Additionally, her impact extends to contemporary artists, including her daughter, Ellen Tiberino, who continues to contribute to the vibrant artistic landscape of the city.

Powell-Tiberino’s works are treasured in numerous collections, including those of prestigious institutions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the October Gallery, the Museum of African American Art in Tampa, and the African American Museum in Philadelphia. Through her art and her enduring legacy, Ellen Powell-Tiberino continues to inspire and enrich the cultural heritage of Philadelphia and beyond.

Last updated: Apr 9, 2024