Dāra Haskins

Dara Haskins (b.1992 Baltimore, MD) has rooted her practice in Philadelphia, working primarily in painting oil portraits and figurative oil and mixed media paintings. Addressing the ways the black body has been represented and looked at throughout history, she challenges the identity of being seen and unseen connecting historical content to contemporary spaces and how that relationship coexists. She is currently working on a series called Havana Time expressively from her own photographs of people she spent time within Cuba. Her large to small-scale paintings of objects, people, and places connect daily in domestic environments within the African diaspora. She is also working on a series called Quarantine Paintings that reflects on dealing with isolation, time, and opportunity during the pandemic of COVID-19. Haskins received her BFA at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2019. Winning the Artist of the Week from Rush Art Gallery (May 2020) and The J. Henry Scheidt Memorial Travel Scholarship to Cuba (2019). She currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

Last updated: May 25, 2021