Creative Resilience Collective

Creative Resilience Collective (CRC) is a Philadelphia-based collective that collaborates with underserved communities and advocates looking to combat stigma and improve access to self-determined mental health care. We believe our collective agency can create positive change and envision more equitable futures of care. Motivated by this belief, we organize educational workshops, study groups, produce critical writing, public art projects, youth programs, and design resources to shape the evolution of care towards liberation and joy.

CRC is made up of eleven core organizers and many more collaborators, youth leaders, and institutional partners. CRC co-organizers are artists, care providers, educators, and activists. Of our core group of eleven, eight have participated in shaping the Trust Project alongside community advisors: Felicia Blow, Michelle Lee Delgado, Dianne Loftis, Olin Morris, Andrea Ngan, El Siegelman, Jenna Spitz, and Feini Yin.

Last updated: Mar 2, 2021