Candy Coated

Photo by Steve Weinik.

Candy Coated, formerly known as Candy Depew, is a Philadelphia based artist who travels internationally to make her work and research collections of ornamental prints and decorative arts. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Candy earned her BFA from Kent State University, later studied at Newcomb School of Art at Tulane University in New Orleans, and completed her MFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 1997. Candy has lectured on and shown her sculptural ceramic work, silkscreen prints, and room installations at universities and galleries in the US and internationally. To complement her candycoated initiative of decorating the world little by little and spreading her passion for silkscreen printing and decorating, Candy established the “StudioSchool” of decorative art & design in Philadelphia at her CandyCoated Center. She continues to candy coat her world, and is helping others to do so, as well.

Last updated: Aug 17, 2016