Courtesy of BARETEETH.

BARETEETH is a multi-disciplinary and experimental dance theater collective that pushes on pre-prescribed boundaries concerning identity, survival, and transcendence. As a multi-racial, predominantly women, and queer-identified group, they balance the power of whose stories are told on stage and how their bodies and voices choose to amplify them.

Grounded in popular research, storytelling and reflection, BARETEETH’s work is liminal, moving images of power and struggle. Their movement magnifies the physical intricacies of everyday labor and habit, juxtaposed with the expansiveness of dreaming bodies; dark, glowing, open heart, open lungs, skin on skin, tender, tenacious, and prepared to fight.

BARETEETH provokes visceral response and dialogue from audience and community members, and aims to contribute to social and cultural transformation: “We dance to heal. We dance to embody A N D envision our own freedom, and the freedom of our people across time, space and dimension.”

Last updated: Apr 21, 2017