Andréa Grasso

Contact Info

IG: @agrasso_artistica

Andréa Grasso is a mixed-media artist who primarily focuses on creating public art projects. His educational background is a mixture of graphic design, mural painting, social practice art, and urban planning. He got his BA in Liberal Arts from Portland State University, and a Masters in Urban Planning from Temple University. He is driven by a constant urge to create, to promote radical change, and to experience as many facets of what the world has to offer, as he can.

Andréa began working with Mural Arts eight years ago, initially as an intern in the summer internship program. From there he worked as an artist assistant, and mural production artist for several years. Currently, aside from his freelance artist and designer roles, he also freelances as a project manager, and project development curator with Mural Arts with the goals of bringing new faces into the public art sphere, and to create more accessible opportunities for artists.

His abstract geometric mural work is created to be somewhat architectural in nature. It is designed site-specifically to act both to compliment and to contrast the built-environment where it resides. He describes his art as being a testament to the idea that we need to begin to rethink the spaces that we live in, our relationships to them, and the concept of what we consider as being “normal.” His projects frequently evoke the theme of inter-connectivity, and are depicted in strikingly colorful styles.

Last updated: Jan 4, 2022