Amber Art & Design

Artist Collective

Established in 2013, Amber Art & Design is a collaborative artist collective founded by Keir Johnston, Linda Fernandez, Ernel Martinez, Charles Barbin, and the late Willis “Nomo” Humphrey. Martha O’Connell has since joined the team. Grounded in the belief that art catalyzes positive growth, the collective specializes in murals, public interventions, and creative facilitation, responding to community needs. They use art as a tool to actively engage people in the design of public spaces, guided by their three pillars of work: the design and fabrication of public art, community engagement, and arts education with a specific focus on environmental justice. With over 15 years of experience, the multilingual-speaking, minority-led team has made a significant impact through partnerships with schools, community organizations, museums, and individuals in various U.S. cities and internationally. Honoring Nomo’s legacy, the collective continues to amplify community voices, fostering meaningful connections and dialogue on a global scale. Looking ahead, Amber Art & Design is committed to creating inclusive spaces and contributing to the positive growth of the communities in which it engages.

Last updated: Jan 29, 2024