Alexsi Morales

Photo by Naomieh Jovin.

Alexsi Morales is a self taught multimedia artist currently based in West Philadelphia. Alexsi’s work is driven by their take on contemporary art, the beauty of life, the people around them, dealing with self-love in a constantly mediated space, and the multifaceted endeavor of connecting with each other. Representing the many faces of beauty is an intrinsic quality to their work: born and raised in New York City, showcasing the diversity and chaos of the world translates over into how he emulates fragmented figures and faces. They seeks to continue to showcase pieces on the subject of Afro-latinx identity, masculinity, sexuality, and queerness. With graphite, pen, pastels, oil paint and digital medium, Alexsi works on framing the images and faces they interact with and interpreting them in their own way. A blend of loose and gestural pencil work, sometimes combined with vibrant color, creates a dynamic mix of values. Playing between both abstraction and realism illustrates a freedom of choice and style that’s true to them.

Last updated: Jun 17, 2024