Akeil Robertson-Jowers

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Akeil Robertson-Jowers is an artist, educator, curator, student, returning citizen, and active member of the reentry community. Akeil is an ambassador and a skilled communicator able to bridge the gap between disparate peoples. Akeil is deft at navigating the intersection of social analysis and empirical observations derived from lived experiences. His unique position as both an insider and interpreter drives us past the traditional dichotomies that embroil us in an adversarial dialogue and gives him the ability to offer opinions and insights not previously gleaned. Akeil is an multimedia artist, able to extend those skills to all he comes in contact with to create maps, prose, and bridges toward new thoughts and practices in criminal justice thinking and solutions.

Akeil is studying at Villanova University where he has a full scholarship to pursue his degree in the Liberal Arts. Akeil is currently working in Mural Arts’ Restorative Justice department as the Assistant Guild Coordinator and is a staff photographer at Mural Arts Philadelphia. Akeil has been a partner in several projects including the Inaugural Philadelphia District Attorney Office Artists in Residency, Reading Work and Art For Justice Led Collaborative Web Project to forward Abolition Studies, and Assistant Mural Artist for several years.

Last updated: Mar 10, 2022