Roots & Reimagination 

As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of this remarkable program, it's essential to honor its origins and the principles that guided its inception. The Anti-Graffiti Network was more than an initiative to eradicate graffiti; it was a movement to inspire and uplift, giving our youth a voice and a brush to become architects of their destiny and builders of a brighter future for Philadelphia.

- W. Wilson Goode Sr. Former Mayor of Philadelphia

In 2024, Mural Arts Philadelphia celebrates its illustrious 40-year journey of transforming urban spaces into canvases of hope and dialogue. With the year’s theme, “Roots & Reimagination,” we embark on a reflective expedition, honoring our rich heritage of community engagement and artistic innovation while fostering a culture of reimagining what public art signifies for the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

This milestone not only underscores the profound roots that have anchored Mural Arts in the social fabric of Philadelphia but invites a boundless reimagination of what the convergence of art and community can birth. Through this lens, the murals are not merely paintings on a wall but narratives of past, present, and future, continuously weaving the tapestry of Philadelphia’s collective story. This 40th anniversary beckons a celebration of the enduring legacy and the promise of new artistic horizons, reaffirming Mural Arts’ role as a linchpin of Philadelphia’s cultural and community vitality.

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Mural Arts Over The Years 

As Mural Arts celebrates its 40th anniversary with the theme of "Roots & Reimagination," I am filled with pride at how this program, having evolved from the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network into what it is today, has flourished. It stands as a beacon of hope and creativity, embodying the principles of community engagement and transformation I championed. Mural Arts has not only beautified our city but has also played a crucial role in engaging communities, fostering dialogue, and transforming public spaces.

- The Honorable Edward G. Rendell Governor of Pennsylvania 2003-2011 Mayor of Philadelphia 1992-2000

40th Anniversary in the News 

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40 Years of Impact: A Timeline

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