Where do I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets online or via phone at (215) 925-3633.

Can I buy gift certificates for future tour tickets?
Yes! You can find our gift certificates on our Shop Page!

When are tours offered?
Take a look at our schedule!

How long is a tour?
Most tours are 90 minutes long and some specialty tours are longer.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance?
Yes, advanced reservations are required to ensure your spot on the tour. You can purchase tickets online or by calling us at 215-925-3633.

How do I redeem a gift certificate?
You can redeem your gift certificate for a public tour by calling us at 215-925-3633 or emailing tours@muralarts.org. Please have your gift certificate handy as we will need the certificate number.

How do I redeem a Go Philadelphia Pass?
You can redeem your Go Philadelphia Pass for a public tour by calling us at 215-925-3633 or emailing tours@muralarts.org. Please have each 12 digit pass number available as we will need it to make your reservation. Passes are not activated until the time of the tour.

Do you offer private tours?
Absolutely. Please contact us at 215-925-3633 for more details on routes and fun possibilities for your private tour.

Where do the tours go?
We travel throughout the entire city. We’re also happy to customize a route for your group. Give us a call at 215-925-3633 for more information.

What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of tour. Refunds are not available, but tickets can be exchanged for another tour, based on availability.

Do tours run in inclement weather?
Mural tours run rain or shine! Our trolleys are protected against rain, but for walking, and train tours, bring an umbrella or poncho.

Tours are only cancelled for extreme weather events that could cause hazardous conditions, and we issue refunds in the event of a cancellation.

Are there restrooms on the tour vehicle?
There are no restrooms on the vehicles we use; however, there are restroom facilities near all of our boarding locations and our guides will be happy to help direct you.

Can I take food and drink on the tour?
You sure can–bring a beverage or snack on the tour if you’d like.

Are tours accessible for those with special needs?
We can accommodate guests with advance notice. Please call our office at (215) 925-3633 to talk with our tour team who will work to accommodate you.

Are the trolleys comfortable?
Trolleys are supplied by our transportation partner, Philadelphia Trolley Works, and are  and do provide a level of comfort to our guests, as they are air-conditioned and heated when weather warrants. If high temperatures become a concern, this tour may be conducted by mini-bus, at our discretion, rather than by antique trolley.