Public Feedback: Frank Rizzo Mural

Call For Ideas

Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates wants your input about the future of the Frank Rizzo mural located in the Bella Vista community at 910 South 9th street. The mural has been the focus point of much dialogue, debate, and vandalism over the past many years.

Created by artist Diane Keller, the Rizzo mural was commissioned in 1995. It was the result of a community petition signed by hundreds of citizens to recognize the former Mayor. Rizzo, born and raised in South Philadelphia, was Philadelphia Police Commissioner from 1968 to 1971 and Mayor of Philadelphia from 1972 to 1980.

While the mural sits in the Bella Vista community, it also exists in an area that supports the 9th Street Market (also known as the Italian Market), which is home to shoppers from many neighborhoods and tourists alike. Like any other mural in our collection, it is seen on a daily basis by people from all over the city and from around the world. Mural Arts’ mission is to bring people and communities together through the power of art and art making—and while the future outcome of this particular artwork is still under discussion, it is clear that it has become a controversial piece in our collection.

Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates may make a recommendation to the building owner regarding the future of the Frank Rizzo mural. As the leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit Mural Arts organization in Philadelphia and the caretaker for the Frank Rizzo mural, we are one voice in this important conversation in the community, and we are turning to you, our fellow citizens and community members, for feedback and counsel. In addition, we plan to confer with the City, the artist, and the building owner . Our practice is to engage community in discussion of the public art that we create or agree to maintain, and while that requires effort and time, we are dedicated to that level of engagement. Ideas from the larger community will help to inform our thinking. Please note that due to our process, the mural cannot be relocated.


Call For Ideas (Now Closed) 

The public comment period (March 15 – 28, 2018) is now closed. We are now in the process of reviewing the results gathered in this Call for Ideas. Check back soon for additional information. Thank you for your submissions.


All ideas will be reviewed by Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates as we consider any recommendations about the future of the Frank Rizzo mural.

Please understand that this Call for Ideas does not commit Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates to developing any official proposal. Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates is also not obligated to pursue any idea submitted here. Any response, including written documents and verbal communication, by any person responding to this Call for Ideas will become the property of Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates and may be disclosed by Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates. Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates is not liable for any costs incurred by any person in preparing and/or submitting a response to this Call for Ideas.