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What is muraLAB? 

muraLAB is Mural Arts Philadelphia’s creative hub for investigating muralism in the twenty-first century – a think-tank for advancing Mural Arts’ vision for art igniting change in communities, city systems, and artistic practice.

muraLAB organizes public events and exhibitions, residencies for artists and curators, and special projects that investigate the rapidly evolving intersection between muralism, public art, contemporary art and placemaking. Over the years, muraLAB has drawn on a widening circle of artists, curators, community leaders, urban professionals and scholars from around the world, and helped Mural Arts expand its partnerships with universities and other arts organizations in the city.

muraLAB has been a key component of Mural Arts’ expansion of its artistic practice — infusing our work with new urgency, fresh perspectives, broader contexts and opportunities for evaluation and reflection. muraLAB has also emerged as a prominent voice in the vigorous discussions taking place in Philadelphia and beyond about the relationship between public art and urban change.

The ideas that muraLAB explores have found their way into Mural Arts’ everyday artistic practices and the projects it is planning for the future. muraLAB programs have led to projects with artists such as Candy Chang, Cohabitation Strategies, Josh MacPhee, Swoon, Temporary Services and Broken City Lab. muraLAB has also hosted visiting curators Elizabeth Thomas, Lucia Sanroman, Pedro Alonzo and Sarah Schultz, and visiting scholar Paul Farber.

muraLAB’s Thought Experiments and Artist Residency programs are funded by the Ford Foundation.

muraLAB’s Visiting Curators Initiative is funded by the Pew Cultural Management Initiative.