Public Art & Civic Engagement Capacity Building Initiative 2020-2023

Mural Arts is seeking letters of interest from organizations interested in being part of our new Public Art & Civic Engagement Capacity Building Initiative (PACE), offered via the Mural Arts Institute.

The primary goal of our new PACE is to help develop sustainable infrastructure to support the growth of socially-engaged public art in communities around the United States. We will accept three host institutions into the 30-month program, providing each with a range of tools, supports, learning opportunities, and funding, detailed below. Participation in PACE is a unique growth opportunity for participating organizations, requiring significant time, commitment, and strategic alignment.

Our pedagogy takes into account that every place is unique and that each partner brings its own values, assets, and challenges. We do not claim that our practices are replicable, but rather that our processes are transferable and that our learning experiences can provide guidance. As a result, we do a significant amount of customization within all of our learning engagements, and use an iterative, dialogic approach to supporting our partners. We believe people learn best by doing, and we try to align our advice and assistance to efforts being carried out on the ground.

Over a 30-month period, host institutions will participate in the following activities:

  • Customized workshopping plans for host institution staff
  • Public Workshops and learning activities
  • Artist Catalyst program including artist subgrants and incubator
  • Annual public symposium



Support for the Public Art & Civic Engagement Capacity Building Initiative is provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.