How will you ignite change?

Dreams, Diaspora, and Destiny by Josh Mays and King Britt. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Since the mid-1980s, Mural Arts Philadelphia has been dedicated to innovative practices in public art. Our interest in innovation is not about working toward invention for its own sake—we are interested and invested in new models that expand the field.

We see Mural Arts and the city of Philadelphia as creative hubs. We work in partnership with many City organizations at the intersection of creative placemaking and social justice.

The original Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network, founded in 1984, was a new way of thinking about public art. We’ve continued in that tradition with pioneering art-making in community storefront and hub spaces; creating opportunities for artist residencies; spearheading collaborative consultancies; overseeing month-long festivals; and much more.

Though our practice is rooted in muralism, Mural Arts has grown to include projects that both expand the scope of contemporary muralism and also step outside of it. What is the relationship between public art and urban change? What are the responsibilities of an arts organization in the twenty-first century? How can we facilitate conversation and community through creative action?

Join us and ask: How will you ignite change?