Arts & Artists Outdoors

I have learned to be my own person and use nature to express how I feel.

- Anasja, Chew Playground

A2O: Arts & Artists Outdoors 

In a six-year partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, A2O combined art education with environmental awareness. Artists led weekly classes and twice-yearly community events that offered creative exploration of the natural environment and engaged students in playful, hands-on arts activities. At the end of each artist’s residency, classes produced a temporary or permanent artistic contribution to their site, based on the environmental theme and the voices and the ideas of the students.

Through its collaborative artistic exploration of green spaces, A2O worked with Philadelphia communities to develop tools for local environmental awareness and sustainability, creating an impact that will last long beyond the residencies. A2O is no longer available for enrollment, following the 2016–17 school year.

A2O Curriculum Guide

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