May 30, 2024 | 5:00pm–6:30pm EDT

Hoxxoh: Artist Demonstration


Join Mural Arts and National Real Estate Development for a conversation and live-painting demonstration with Miami-based artist Hoxxoh (Douglas Hoekzema), who is creating a three-wall mural installation at the Noble Building, 200 Spring Garden Street – his first mural in Philadelphia.

Conrad Benner – blogger, podcaster, photographer, and writer about street art in Philadelphia – will host the conversation.

Hoxxoh’s unique technique employs pressurized spray paint that is applied through garden hoses and nozzles, some fashioned from gardening tools. The result is a stunning display of sweeping color fields and abstract designs that speak to the imagination and challenge our perceptions of what public art can be.

Hoxxoh’s final mural design, which will be improvised on-site, will consist of a shifting spectrum of colors along the length of the walls, scored with patterns and framed with a pattern of white arches.