Art & Environment Capacity-Building Initiative

Building capacity of organizations nationally

With the Art & Environment Capacity-Building Initiative, the Mural Arts Institute strives to build the capacity of organizations nationally (starting in three cities) to use public art as a catalyst for community engagement, leadership, and stewardship in advancing sustainable solutions to a range of environmental challenges and opportunities.

A typical post-industrial city, Philadelphia’s environmental issues include carbon emissions, energy waste, stormwater management, land remediation, access to healthy foods, and waste management—and the city is not alone in facing these challenges. Many cities across the United States share similar histories and landscapes.

Over the last decade, Philadelphia has established itself as a leader in green planning, and Mural Arts, in particular, has partnered with many organizations to build strong alliances, to add value to capital improvements, and to engage people in learning about and stewarding changes. We are excited to open a dialogue with other cities that are tackling these challenges.

Our approach to this initiative will be collaborative: we seek to share knowledge, experiences, and resources while also facilitating learning among stakeholders selected to participate.

Through the Art & Environment Capacity-Building Initiative, the Mural Arts Institute is currently working with organizations in:

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