Shira Walinsky

The city is a connected web of personalities and histories which fascinate me. The network of family, neighborhood, immigrants and teachers are some of the subjects of my murals. By exploring lives which are either marginalized or often simply forgotten by society we represent and affirm a sense of identity and a place in history within these people. Within each network exists the individual story. An individual story can reflect so powerfully the experience of a group. I interview people about various subjects for each mural. These stories and images are small windows into particular views of history and places. I see these small views mirrored infinitesimally across the city. I see the immense possibilities that art has to illustrate, invent, record and create connections. I like being in the world, art as part of the living, breathing organism of the city. I like seeing art interact, changing perceptions and spaces.

I see the micro and macro in terms of individual and society and also as a form of visual exploration. In this regard the scanner has been my friend. Searching for symbols that represent both micro and macro has been a search for patterns and graphics worldwide, textiles, textures, maps, photos, signs, movie posters and record albums.

I have explored networks, patterns and individual stories through drawing, painting, printmaking and video.

Last updated: Dec 15, 2020